Tori Chiarello

Client: Vintara
Industry: Beverage – Wine
Project Scope: Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Promotional Materials

Background: Vintara is an emerging wine brand that combines traditional winemaking with a modern aesthetic. The brand seeks to appeal to a younger, style-conscious demographic who appreciate wine not only for its taste but also as a lifestyle accessory.

Objective: The primary goal was to create a visual identity for Vintara that feels fresh, vibrant, and engaging. The branding needed to stand out on shelves and in digital spaces, resonating with both new wine enthusiasts and seasoned connoisseurs.

Design Elements:

  • Logo and Typography: We crafted a distinctive logo using a bold, modern font with a worn texture, embodying the brand’s blend of traditional and contemporary styles. The font choice for Vintara is ‘Turista Heavy Worn’ for headlines and ‘Turista Regular Worn’ for body text, projecting an elegant yet approachable vibe.

  • Color Palette: The color scheme includes a playful mix of peach, teal, and yellow, complemented by more subdued pinks and a deep blue. This palette is designed to evoke a sense of warmth and excitement, capturing the essence of Vintara’s unique offerings.

Outcome: The branding and packaging design for Vintara have successfully positioned the brand as a trendy choice for young adults. The visually striking design has increased shelf appeal and brand recognition, leading to enhanced market penetration and customer engagement.

Project Elements: The project involved designing the logo, selecting typography, creating packaging, and developing promotional materials to consistently communicate the brand’s story across all touchpoints.