Tori Chiarello

A person's hand is holding a pastel pink coffee cup with 'Oh Mochi' branding. The cup features a cute mochi character design, embodying the brand's playful and inviting identity. This image illustrates the cohesive branding created for Oh Mochi, emphasizing the brand's friendly and modern aesthetic appeal.

Client: Oh Mochi!

Challenge: Oh Mochi! has been consistently innovating by introducing new and exciting mochi flavors and treats. With their evolving product line, the brand sought a fresh identity that would not only reflect their fun and spunky personality but also make them more memorable in a competitive market.


Branding explorations for Oh Mochi! include a cheerful mochi mascot, various logotype designs in Oi and Novecento Sans font, and a color palette with coral to terracotta tones.

Solution: To breathe new life into the Oh Mochi! brand, we developed a charming mochi mascot, designed to capture the essence of the brand’s playful and inventive spirit. This mascot became a central element of their visual identity, featured prominently across all packaging, menus, and social media platforms. Complementing the mascot, we selected the ‘Oi’ font from Google for the main logo, embodying a bold and friendly appeal, and ‘Novecento’ for secondary text, ensuring clear and stylish communication across all branding materials.

Creative logo design variations for Oh Mochi! with a coral color theme, showcasing different placements of a mochi mascot within the brand name for a playful look.

Outcome: The introduction of the mochi mascot has significantly enhanced brand recognition and customer engagement. It serves as a friendly and appealing representation of the brand, inviting customers to explore the variety of flavors Oh Mochi! offers. The mascot’s presence on packaging and digital platforms has not only attracted a wider audience but has also reinforced the brand’s position as a leader in creative culinary treats.

Project Elements: The project encompassed the creation of the mascot design, adaptation across various packaging formats, menu redesigns, and digital assets for social media engagement.