Tori Chiarello

In my role as a graphic designer for Max, I leveraged Figma to develop engaging iPad, mobile, and Apple Connected TV (CTV) screen designs for the Apple App Store, coinciding with the product’s launch. My designs focused on optimizing the user interface for both tablet and television formats, ensuring a seamless and appealing experience across devices. By collaborating effectively with cross-functional teams, I tailored these interfaces to meet high standards of usability and visual excellence, significantly contributing to a successful launch and enhancing the product’s presence on a global platform.

Two HBO Max promotional graphics for the Apple App Store, with the left image designed for iPad users and the right for connected TV (CTV) audiences. Each features a vivid array of series and movie characters, underscoring the streaming service's diverse catalog. Prominently displayed on both is the tagline 'MAX THE ONE TO WATCH', signifying a leading entertainment experience on both iPad and CTV platforms.
Max iPad and Apple Connected TV screens for the Apple App Store for Max launch.