Tori Chiarello

Maison Viola boutique hotel amenities including a 'Do Not Disturb' sign, embroidered towel, and scented candle, all in custom jewel-tone colors with elegant gold branding.

Client: Maison Viola
Owner: Julia Storm
Location: Paris, France
Industry: Hospitality

Maison Viola is an ambitious new venture by Julia Storm, set in the heart of Paris. This boutique hotel aims to capture the essence of Parisian luxury and charm, offering guests an intimate and exquisite lodging experience. Maison Viola is positioned to attract discerning travelers who seek unique, culturally rich accommodations with modern amenities.

The primary goal for Maison Viola’s branding is to establish a visual identity that reflects sophistication and luxury while remaining welcoming and distinctly Parisian. The branding needs to communicate the quality and exclusivity of the guest experience and ensure that all touchpoints with customers convey the hotel’s unique atmosphere.

Design Elements:

  • Color Palette: We selected jewel tones, including deep sapphire, rich emerald, and bold amethyst, to convey a sense of luxury and opulence. These colors are used throughout the hotel’s branding to evoke elegance and comfort, appealing to guests looking for a luxurious stay in Paris.

  • Logo Design: The Maison Viola logo features elegant script typography that resembles classic handwriting, reflecting a personal and sophisticated charm. This style symbolizes the blend of Paris’s romantic history with the chic allure of modern design. The logo’s fluid and artistic script is versatile enough for various applications, from signage to stationery, embodying the boutique hotel’s unique identity..

  • Typography: For general branding and communications, we use a harmonious combination of script for the logo and key accents to maintain the brand’s elegance, paired with a clean, modern sans-serif for body text to ensure clarity and readability. This blend captures the essence of traditional Parisian style while ensuring functionality across all digital and printed media.

  • Imagery: Photography and graphics focus on the unique architectural features of the hotel, the elegance of the interior design, and the vibrancy of the surrounding Parisian streetscape. These images are crucial for promotional materials and the hotel’s digital presence.

The branding for Maison Viola is designed to set the hotel apart in the competitive Parisian hospitality market, ensuring it is seen as a premier choice for luxury accommodation. The sophisticated use of color, design, and marketing strategies aims to create a compelling brand identity that attracts and retains a high-end clientele.