Tori Chiarello

Client: Jesse Kynd
Challenge: Human Kynd, founded by Jesse Kynd, is a skincare line dedicated to being as kind to the environment as it is to skin. The brand needed an identity that not only reflected its eco-friendly values but also conveyed a sense of calm and sophistication to align with its product benefits.

Logo Explorations for Human Kynd

In crafting the visual identity for Human Kynd, we embarked on a journey through various typographic treatments and iconic symbols that resonate with the brand’s core values of simplicity, elegance, and a deep connection to nature. Central to our explorations was the incorporation of a distinctive logomark and a graceful line art illustration of a woman within the text. These elements symbolize the human touch and the personal care intrinsic to the skincare brand.

Distinctive Logomark: The logomark, featuring angular, geometric shapes arranged to suggest the letter ‘K’, captures the essence of sophistication and modernity. Its bold contrast between black and cream enhances visual impact, serving as a strong standalone symbol of the brand’s innovative approach to skincare.

Incorporation of Line Art:

Instead of embedding the line art within the letters, we placed a minimalist drawing of a woman between the words ‘Human’ and ‘Kynd’. This placement turns the logo into a visual narrative that conveys beauty, self-care, and personal wellness, enhancing the brand’s message of gentle and effective skincare.

Typography Choices: Our exploration spanned various font styles from modern sans serifs to classic serifs. Each font was meticulously chosen to not only harmonize with the line art and the logomark but also to uphold readability and maintain brand integrity. The objective was to reflect the calm, sophisticated ambiance of the brand, making it inviting and relatable.

Each logo variant crafted through this process not only embodies the brand’s core values but also serves as a barometer for gauging how well the visual elements resonate with the target audience. This ensures that the final design is not only functional but also deeply appealing on an emotional level.

Solution: In response to the brand’s ethos, we crafted a visual identity that embodies serenity and sophistication. We selected a calm color palette designed to visually soothe and invite consumers into a stress-free zone, reflecting the brand’s commitment to environmental consciousness and personal well-being. This palette was used consistently across all branding materials to ensure a cohesive and relaxing user experience.

Outcome: The branding successfully conveys Human Kynd’s dual mission of environmental responsibility and superior skincare. The eco-friendly approach, emphasized by refillable packaging, resonates strongly with consumers, enhancing brand loyalty and consumer engagement. The sophisticated, calming design distinguishes Human Kynd in the marketplace, attracting customers seeking skincare that soothes both the skin and the planet.

Project Elements: The project involved developing the brand logo, choosing the color scheme, designing packaging that supports refills, and creating unified visual assets for marketing and online presence.