Tori Chiarello

Oh Mochi!

Oh Mochi! Oh Mochi! is a brand that continues to invent tasty new mochi flavors and treats so they needed to rebrand to something that shows their fun and spunky side. We created this little mochi mascot that goes on all their packaging, menus, and social accounts to make the brand more memorable.  *Personal Project*

House of Crystals

House Of Crystals House of Crystals is a crystal and new age shop that wanted to rebrand. We went with these colors to give a feel of calmness. The logos on the tissue paper and stickers represent the cycle of life and death of the entire world, which includes humans, animals, and plants. The […]


Oreira Oreira is a high end bag/purse that wanted new branding. We went with gold tones to up the idea of luxury.