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Have you ever thought, wow, I just wish I could find someone who is creative, who gets me, who has awesome ideas to help my business grow, who, frankly, just gets things done that I never even knew I needed?   It's me, hi. I'm the solution, it's me.  


Tori was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. Well, at the time it was more country than suburb... there were cows in her backyard. This made her realize city life was calling.

She attended Columbia College in Chicago where she majored in Film. Two weeks after graduation, she loaded up her car with all her belongings, grabbed her mom, and road tripped to Los Angeles, CA without having a job or place to live lined up.

While in LA Tori got her first TV gig on a little show called "Roswell" as a Production Assistant. She went on to work in the writers' offices of such television shows as "Boston Legal," "Boston Public," and "Life Unexpected." After that last one, life did take an unexpected turn - she decided to move to New York City.

It was there she started at Discovery Inc, in the digital space. She has been there through a merger with Scripps and most recently, Warner Bros. After the world was turned upside down from Covid, she decided to move back to the Chicagoland 'burbs in order to be close to her two nephews that she loves more than words.

Work Info

Tori's vast experience from film school, to working in Los Angeles on many different television shows, to Warner Bros. Discovery in digital has given her a unique perspective on all things creative. She has worked with many unique personalities on all sides of the production process, from creation to getting content on the screen (T.V., mobile, laptop, desktop). She has created content that goes to market in a multitude of genres; reality tv, drama, crime, food and cooking shows.

She has created content for ID, Food Network, Discovery Kids, DiscoveryPlus, and Discovery Life to just name a few.


Graduated: Columbia College Chicago - BA FILM


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Photoshop Advanced Retouching

School of Motion:
After Effects Kickstart Photoshop and Illustrator Unleashed


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