Tori Chiarello

Graphic design portfolio for HBO Max featuring user interface design and creative artwork for streaming service platform.
graphic design, streaming platform, promotional material
Key art collection for Discovery Plus, showing posters for 'The BRU Show', 'Disappeared', and 'B.T.K. Untold Stories' among others. The art captures the essence of each series, crafted to engage viewers with their unique stories and visual design.
A close-up view of a hand gently holding an open bottle of Human Kynd skincare lotion. The bottle features a simple yet graceful line drawing of a human figure with the words 'Human Kynd' in a warm, inviting font, signifying the brand's commitment to compassionate skincare. The branding is indicative of a product that's kind to both skin and humanity, aligning with a conscious and caring beauty routine.
Pallets of Vintara wine boxes are neatly stacked in a warehouse, ready for shipment, with a pink Vintara-branded truck in the background. The boxes feature a modern design with the Vintara logo and the slogan 'Elegance Evolved', underscoring the brand's upscale image. This scene highlights Vintara's distribution prowess and the stylish presentation of its products.
A stylish hand places a 'Do not disturb' sign on a hotel door, part of the Maison Voila brand's suite of products. The sign's navy background and gold accents, along with a subtle Eiffel Tower design, evoke an air of Parisian elegance. This image showcases the brand's focus on luxurious design in their guest amenities.
Maison Violá
A person's hand is holding a pastel pink coffee cup with 'Oh Mochi' branding. The cup features a cute mochi character design, embodying the brand's playful and inviting identity. This image illustrates the cohesive branding created for Oh Mochi, emphasizing the brand's friendly and modern aesthetic appeal.
A sunny beach scene with clear turquoise waters and tall palm trees, as visitors enjoy the sand and sea. People are swimming, sunbathing, and strolling along the beach, which is indicative of the photographer's skill in capturing the dynamic and joyful moments of family and leisure activities in natural settings.